Innovative solutions

ScanUnic’s groundbreaking hand disinfector is adressing the well known pittfalls of alcohold disinfection, which is the major cause behind the continuing high levels of hospital aquired infections, a global problem. We are in the process of developing the final prototype and are seaking investors, that share our belif in the emormous potential changing the way we hand disinfect. More information

Med Clean AVDU is a unique disinfecton device speicialized at cleaning difficult accessible surfaces in medical equipment, such af various scopes, robotic operation equipment, transducers etc.We are looking for distributors to intrroduce this attractive and need product. More information

Scan Unic has recently developed and introduced a high performance air cleaner, Air Unic, specially designed to eliminate airborne viruses, such as COVID19, while at the same time improove indoor climate. More information

Scan Unic’s Dental Ssterilizer is the first cold strilization for dental equioment, reaching 10 -12 high level sterilization, reducung wear and tear and saving energy compared to traditional autuclaves. We are looking for distributors in the dental market. More information

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