A revolutionary new technology for disinfection of internal surfaces of medical equipment.

The disinfection of medical instruments is difficult for much expensive and delicate equipment in hospitals. Difficult accessible cavities and the fact that many of the instruments are sensible to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals are some of the big challenges of disinfecting medical equipment.

The MedClean Advanced Vapour Disinfection Unit (AVDU) offers a unique, rapid and highly effective solution to this problem. With the MedClean AVDU it is now possible to impact the inner wall in its entire length with a vapour of our gentle detergent at a predetermined low temperature and pressure.

This new disinfection technique discharges cycles of vapour succeeded by pressurised air into the channel of the instrument through perforated probes closely fitted to the particular instrument.

This process flushes and cleans the channel in a quick and efficient manner, as any residue is released from the sides by steam and blown out of the channel by the pressurised air. By repeating this cleaning cycle –altering between discharging vapour and pressurised air- the channel is rapidly cleaned with the operating temperature optimal fitted the instrument.

For delicate equipment the temperature of the instrument never has to exceed 40 degrees Celsius. By the MedClean AVDU method, the inner surface of cavities and channels of medical instruments can be washed and cleaned after use and thereby prepared for the sterilization process. The system is rigorously tested and has an effective kill with a very high microbe load (Bacillus subtillus/Aetroepheus).

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