AirUnic is an air filtration machine that removes particles and micro-organisms from indoor air.

The purpose of the AirUnic is to improve indoor ambient air and as a consequence reduce the risk of deceases transmitted in the air such as:

Chemical pollutants

In addition, it will help people with cronic deceases such as lung diseases, asthma and sensitivity to chemicals. According to the EPA (U.S. Environmental protection agency) more than 80 million people across Europe have some form of allergic disease and the prevalence is increasing. The outdoor air is known to be a health risk factor, but indoor air pollution actually poses a greater health risk.

How does AirUnic work

Dust filter
Hepa Filter
Ozone Filter
UV-C filter
Double active carbon filter

The category 4 dust filter starts the purifying process, the air is slowed down and are passing through a 15 cm category 12 Hepa filter. After this only 0,03% of all micro-organisms, particles and chemical pollutants are left. The rest is effectively being purified and sterilized by a plasma ozone generator, a UV-C light filter and at last a double active carbon filter.

Environmentally friendly

The AirUnic saves energy compared to ventilation systems that warm up out door air to replace indoor air.

Built-in-wall or stand alone

There is a choice of either building the unit into a wall or other suitable spaces and have air distributed with pipes, or alternatively as a free-standing unit, that has wheels for moving the unit round.

High Capacity

With a capacity of 1200 m3/h, AirClean can hand handle large rooms of up to 200 m3. It run at 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100% with two lowest setting being practically silent.

As an option AirUnic can be controlled by an app

AirUnic is useful in

Clinics institutions
Fitness Centres
Retail shops

AirUnic is also useful in Temporary placements in buildings with special problems, e.g. asbestos, fungus, mold, smells, dust etc.


Plug’n’play installation

Plug’n’play installation with a standard 220V /110V power plug.

Stand-alone model

Special technical installations not needed for the stand-alone model.

Capacity : 1.200 M3/h
Filters: Dust filter, Hepa filter, Ozone filter, UV-C filter and Double active carbon filter
Levels of filtration: 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%
Dimensions: W:400, D: 300, H: 950 mm
Filtration: Dust filter, Hepa 12, ozone-plasmas, UV-C, double carbon filter
Noise: dB at 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%
Weight: 30 KG
Power 230 V, 56/60 HZ
Use 240 Watt (in turbo mode)
Safety 1,5 Amp


99,9% Removal of viruses from indoor air proved in a test made by Teknologisk Institut.

Tabel 2: Relativ koncentration for aktiv MS2 virus and related reduction rate

Time (min)
Relativ koncentration (%)
Natural decay
Production test
Reduction rate
Air Cleaner
0 100 100 -
15 10.7 0.03 99.72
30 8.2 0.001 99.986

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